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Munich Indian Students' Association (MISA) is committed towards promoting and creating a healthy environment for students studying in Munich.

Our mission is to create a thriving community, of the students and for the students, based on mutual respect, information sharing and camaraderie. One of the pillars of this community is the cultural integration with our host country - Germany. MISA stands for networking, information sharing and cultural integration, with particular focus on students studying in different universities in Munich, Germany.



Since its inception early in 2020, MISA has been committed to create opportunities for students to interact, network and improve.

MISA has been actively engaged in organising and promoting various events for our members and all the students in general. These events cover different topics which are important for students, and we plan on keeping up this tradition.

We believe together, with your support and engagement, we will be able to create a home away from home for thousands of students who come to Munich each year and begin their lives anew.

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